Thermal Surveys in Belfast for Heat Loss Investigations

Lowering our emissions and reducing our carbon footprint is high on the political agenda at the moment with the Green Deal offering business and home owners the opportunity to finance improvements through energy saving technologies and products, to homes or commercial premises, which will lower energy consumption and improve overall efficiencies. This is great news but whilst there is a vast array of information out there, the focus on support is often aimed at businesses so where do you start as a homeowner?

Heat loss is the key culprit in reducing thermal efficiency and increasing the running costs of your home but as a homeowner it is impossible to locate by sight alone as, by its very nature, heat cannot be seen or measured with the naked eye.

Once you understand where heat loss can occur, you can make informed choices in some easy to fix areas, for example fitting draught excluders to doors and replacing draughty blinds with insulating curtains. However, when it comes to the internal fabric of your building, it is not so straight forward and requires investigative testing to establish what exists currently and how efficiently those measures are performing

That’s where a thermal imaging survey becomes a highly practical, non-destructive method of testing which is cost effective and accurate.  Our survey images can capture images of the whole building envelope to thoroughly assess and highlight areas of heat loss through the roof, walls, windows and doors to give you a full picture of how much, or little heat loss is occurring.