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10 easy steps to keep your house warmer this winter

  Winter nearly here. And while there’s not much you can do to stop it getting cold outside, you can still make sure you stay warmer inside. So here are ten simple tricks to keep your house warm in winter and stop that precious energy escaping.   Heat your home, not your walls   Here’s…

Ulster University Belfast

Thermal Surveys NI completed thermographic surveys of UU’s 2 Belfast campus buildings in January 2019. This was carried out late in the evening with no disruption to students/teaching.  

Underfloor Heating

Thermal Imaging is a quick and non invasive way to detect leaks or blockages within the pipework of underfloor heating. It can also be used to locate pipework prior to any drilling or works in that area…  avoiding any costly or messy mistakes.

Magee Campus Building

January 2017, Thermal Surveys NI were appointed to survey and report on various buildings at the Magee campus for Ulster University, completed at night without disruption to students and staff.


This winter Thermal Surveys NI was happy to assist Huhtamaki with a assessment of their Belfast factory building.

What are the best conditions for a survey?

Thermographic surveys of building are typically carried out in the winter months when building’s heating system is operating and there is a suitable internal-to-external temperature difference. To limit the effects of solar gain, building surveys are carried out at night or the early hours of the morning to ensure any radiation from the sun has…

Telephone House, Belfast

Thermal Surveys NI were recently appointed by the Watts Group for a thermal imaging survey of the Telephone House building in Belfast to assist with condition appraisal.

10 Ways to Cut your Heating Costs

Keep warm this winter and reduce your heating costs by making your house as efficient as possible.   Your fireplace may look good and keep the room warm when lit, but when the fire is out close the damper or if it’s not in use buy a chimney balloon to stop the draughts from the…

Survey season is starting… get ready for Winter!

The temperatures have dropped in October and survey season is starting again. Home owners can prepare their houses to ensure best efficiency and lower heating bills for the winter. Thermal Surveys NI can carry out thermal imaging surveys in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland showing heat loss and highlighting the property inefficiencies.

University of Ulster

This winter Thermal Surveys Ni was happy to help University of Ulster with thermal imaging surveys of various campus buildings at the Coleraine and Derry sites reporting on heat loss & efficiency. The surveys totaled over 100,000 sq ft and were completed without disruption to students.