Northern Ireland Energy and Fuel Suppliers Price Increases

The companies that supply most of Northern Ireland’s fuel and power eg have hit the headlines several times this winter with eye-watering increases 20%... 30%...  with the potential of more to come.

Heating prices to rise before Winter!

It looks like heating bills could rise 20%+ before Winter 2021. This rise plus the situation where more people are working from home could see some people shocked by the size of their heating bill.

Cold Stores

This month Thermal Surveys was pleased to assist Gourmet Island with the assessment of their building. Thermal Imaging was used to ensure energy is not being wasted and minimum temperatures are being maintained.

Thermal Surveys Helps the National Trust

Thermal Surveys were happy to assist the National Trust with thermal imaging services at the Giants Causeway Visitor Centre and the Causeway Hotel this month…

Condensation and Humidity

Humidity issues are a growing problem for houses in Northern Ireland. Even in modern homes, where better insulation and air-tight doors & windows are great… but if this is not met with correct ventilation, higher humidity will lead to condensation and mould, not to mention the respiratory and health issues.

Using Thermal Imaging to Fight Rising Heating Costs in Northern Ireland

Firmus Energy has announced a 15% price rise for customers…

Thermal Surveys in Belfast for Heat Loss Investigations

Lowering our emissions and reducing our carbon footprint is…

Households cut energy use by a quarter

Households in England and Wales cut their energy use by a…

Energy saving measures boost house prices

Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase…

Going green adds £16,000 to houses

Energy-saving improvements boost house prices by 14 per cent…