Energy House 2.0

Last week Thermal Surveys NI was invited over to University of Salford in Manchester to tour the £16m project where 2 houses of the future have been constructed and monitored all within all within a huge environmental chamber.

How healthy are your radiators?

Instead of checking the heat at the top of the radiator, also check what the temperature is like at the base of the radiator also

Why use an airtight letterbox?

The first rule is, don’t get a letterbox (big hole) in your new door, but use a postbox on your front wall instead.

Green Energy/Environment workshops at Belfast City Council

Last week Thermal Surveys NI attended a couple of Green Energy/Environment workshops hosted by Belfast City Council's Resilient Belfast team

Why use thermal imaging?

Our Heat Loss Surveys help you identify all the weak and inefficient areas of your property. Then with our reports and advice, you can rectify these issues, straight to the source, no guessing... reducing your heat loss and therefore your heating bills.

So, who do we work with?

The overall aim is to improve the efficiency of the building and reduce the reliance on heating fuels. This has never been so important heading into the winter of 2022 with the rising costs of fuel.

McCulla Cold Stores

This month Thermal Surveys was pleased to assist McCulla Cold Stores with the assessment of their building. Thermal Imaging was used to ensure energy is not being wasted and minimum temperatures are being maintained.

Millions of homes have ‘insulation age’ of 1976 or older

Millions of homes have an insulation age of 1976 or older –…

Thermal Imaging Cameras Used to Reduce Energy Bills

As energy prices rise at alarming rates, we continue to look for new ways to reduce our fuel costs and carbon footprints, people have been turning to thermal technology to help them insulate their homes and reduce costs.

Northern Ireland Energy and Fuel Suppliers Price Increases

The companies that supply most of Northern Ireland’s fuel and power eg have hit the headlines several times this winter with eye-watering increases 20%... 30%...  with the potential of more to come.