Thermal Surveys NI Services

Residential Thermal Imaging

With heating costs rising every year there is a growing need to make homes more efficient. Our reports will show problem areas and where energy is being lost. This allows the owner to ensure money is spent in the correct places.

Energy efficiency = smaller heating bills!

Residential – Project Management / Consultancy

We can advise on and manage the works required to improve the efficiency of your home. Offering years of experience overseeing and testing all types of products that go into making an efficient and cosy home, we have seen what works and gets best results. You don’t want to pay for amazing windows just to have them installed poorly. Our project management can ensure you get the best return for the money spent.

Landlords, if you want to improve the efficiency your properties and improve the EPC rating in the process, we can help achieve the best results from the heating, insulation and ventilation.

Commercial Thermal Imaging

Quantifying energy loss is now possible whether it’s a factory, school, office or nursing home. If a building is hard to heat or losing its heat quickly, we can determine these issues.  With a global desire to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy bills, our surveys can produce the necessary report to address this.

Expert Witness Reports

We regularly provide surveys and reports where building standards, products or services have been called into question.

We accept appointments as expert witnesses in these fields where cases are before the Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators.

We may be appointed as an expert witness by one of the parties or as a joint expert witness appointed by both parties. It must be impartial and uninfluenced by those instructing or paying the surveyor to give the evidence.

Surveyors may not accept payments contingent upon the nature of the evidence given or the outcome of the case.

A well drafted, unbiased expert witness report often helps the parties to reach agreement and settle a dispute without the need for a court or tribunal hearing.

Borescope – Cavity Survey

Borescope cavity inspections allow for comprehensive examinations of a cavity or voids without the need to open up large holes or remove units of the outer façade. A 10mm diameter hole is drilled through the wall that is to be investigated and the borescope camera is inserted through the scope hole. The void can then be visually inspected or recorded by camera or video.


  • Building Surveys
    There are several reasons why it may be necessary to carry out a wallsurvey using a borescope:
  • To establish the presence of Cavity Wall Insulation
  • To establish the condition of Cavity Wall Insulation
  • To establish the type of insulation present
  • To inspect the wall ties
  • To investigate any potential water ingress, internal or external
  • To locate pipes and orleaks
  • To investigate the type of wall behind a rendered outer leaf
  • To check for infestations of rodents or insects

The borescope cavity survey can also supply evidence as to what type of wall is behind external rendering. This is particularly useful when there is some doubt as to whether a property has a solid wall, cavity wall, system-built wall or is timber framed.

Using our specialist equipment, our surveyors can drill a small borehole into the outer leaf of the building – and then use our borehole inspection camera to inspect the wall or cavity if applicable.

Our surveyors are able to take images internally and externally which can be used to provide evidence as to whether the wall has been previously insulated with cavity wall insulation, or if the wall is suffering from cavity wall insulation decay. The surveyor will then make good the borehole using appropriate mortar.

Our surveys are followed up with a comprehensive report, summarizing the wall fabric and recommendations for future energy efficiency measures.

For cavity walls, we can also provide an indicative measurement of the cavity’s depth. This may be useful for further investigation as part of a building survey regarding hard-to-treat cavity walls.

Housing Associations / Councils

We can work with Housing Associations and Councils to ensure that housing stock can easily be measured for efficiency before any refurbishment & upgrading programmes are undertaken. This report can be carried out quickly without disruption to the tenants.