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A picture says a thousand words…

Infrared Thermography is an increasingly well-known and respected method of evaluating the thermal efficiency of a building (including insulation, windows and doors).

See your efficiency visually and locate problems quickly…

Reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.

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***We are purely independent surveyors, with no commercial agenda, not linked to any product or service.***

“Stuart’s surveys make it easy and very visual for us to show customers how inefficient their current windows and doors are and the difference it would to the property and their heating bills…”

“Our survey was quick and professional, with some simple changes to our house our heating bills should be much lower this winter.”

“Wow, your survey showed it was time to replace our old windows, so much heat was being lost, thanks for making it a quick and easy process.”

“We have 10 employees in a Victorian property and our heating bills are huge, the survey by TSNI showed where insulation was missing in walls, windows badly installed and draughts we never knew about, by addressing these before the winter we hope to save 1000s! Thanks, hope to have you back next year for the after-picture!”

Residential Thermal Imaging

With heating costs rising every year there is a growing need to make homes more efficient. Our reports will show problem areas and where energy is being lost.

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Commercial Thermal Imaging

Quantifying energy loss is now possible whether it’s a factory, school, office or nursing home. If a building is hard to heat or losing its heat quickly, we can determine these issues.

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Expert Witness Reports

We regularly provide surveys and reports where building standards, products or services have been called into question.  We accept appointments as expert witnesses in these fields where cases are before the Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrators.

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Borescope – Cavity Survey

Borescope cavity inspections allow for comprehensive examinations of a cavity or voids without the need to open up large holes or remove units of the outer façade.

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Housing Associations / Councils

We can work with Housing Associations and Councils to ensure that housing stock can easily be measured for efficiency before any refurbishment & upgrading programmes are undertaken.

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