Why use thermal imaging for building inspections?

Inspecting buildings using a thermal imaging camera is a powerful and non invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool for locating and identifying building failures because they make the invisible visible.

It is the one tool that really lets you see it all!

When problems are identified and located early, allowing them to be documented and corrected, this prevents more costly repairs.

Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic  tools for building inspections and can help in the following areas:

  • Visualize energy loss
  • Detect missing or defective insulation
  • Source air leaks
  • Find moisture in insulation, walls & roofs
  • Detect mould before its visual
  • Locate water infiltration in flat roofs
  • Locate thermal bridges
  • Detect construction failures & defects
  • Monitor the drying of buildings

Thermal imaging surveys & thermography reports are available by Thermal Surveys NI throughout Belfast and all areas of Northern Ireland.