Millions of homes have ‘insulation age’ of 1976 or older

Millions of homes have an insulation age of 1976 or older – costing households up to £930 a year if they don’t make changes soon, according to a study.

Experts analysing 21 million homes across England and Wales found over half (58%) only meet insulation standards of 1976 or earlier.

As a result, they lose more heat through wall cavity insulation, double glazing, loft insulation, and floor insulation than modern regulations insist on today.

The study also found one in five homeowners (21%) have no idea about the different ways properties can be insulated to improve their energy efficiency.

However, two-thirds (65%) of those who have thought about, or updated, their home’s insulation, recognise it helps save money on energy bills.

The research, conducted via Onepoll, also found two-thirds didn’t know the EPC rating of their current property.

A Heat Loss Survey by Thermal Surveys NI could show you areas of concern and where best to make improvements.