A Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Survey Could Save Northern Ireland Businesses Thousands

Increasing fuel costs, an impending cold winter and clients and personnel to keep warm – it’s enough to send a chill down anyone’s back.

But what if business owners could quickly discover how heat escapes from their building and the best way to solve the problem?

Thermal Surveys NI, a company set-up by local businessman Stuart Crawford, aims to do just. Located in the heart of County Down, the innovative new company aims to save businesses and householders hundreds of pounds each year in heating oil, gas bills or coal.

And one of Northern Ireland’s leading hotels, The Portaferry Hotel has already enlisted his services in a bid to reduce their fuel costs, emissions and carbon footprint.

Stuart Crawford, owner of Thermal Surveys NI explained, ‘With winter well and truly upon us, and fuel prices only going one way, it makes sense to evaluate how your building is holding and losing heat.’

‘So many of our clients have come to us with the same problem, a home or place of work that seems impossible to heat.’

‘We use Infrared Thermography, which is an increasingly well-known and respected method of evaluating the thermal efficiency of a building including insulation, windows and doors.’

‘We carry out our surveys from as little as £195 with an informative visit to the property, taking images both internally and externally and then presenting our clients with a detailed survey of each aspect of the building.’

‘The survey will illustrate building deficiencies, heat loss areas, cold spots, inefficient insulation and can even identify leaks and blocked pipes.’

Stuart concluded, ‘Using a Thermal Imaging survey is the first step to identifying and improving the efficiency of a building which will mean lower heating costs whatever fuel.’

Marko Petric, General Manager at The Portaferry Hotel said: “We enlisted the services of Thermal Surveys NI in a bid to evaluate the thermal efficiency of our building, given its age, location and rising fuel costs and in our on-going strive to maintain our reputation as one of the leading destination hotels in north Down.

“The survey highlighted a number of areas for us to consider addressing which include insulating under floor pipes, investigating some of the window areas and exploring various cold spots. By making small alterations as outlined in the survey this could indeed save us thousands of pounds in our annual heating bill.”

Marko concluded: “The survey gave us an insight into the internal and structural workings of the hotel which simply cannot be seen by the naked eye and without much invasive work – we would recommend this service to anyone keen to improve the efficiency of their building and reduce their carbon footprint.”

A recent BBC Radio Five Live survey suggested that two-thirds of people in the UK are concerned about their heating bills this winter. A quarter have put up with “unacceptably cold” homes in the past year because as they struggle to pay the bills.

And 63% of the 1,035 adults surveyed said they had cut their energy use because of rising costs.

One quick heat loss survey can reveal where fixing draughts, adding insulation, new windows or doors could massively reduce the heat escaping from your home.

If you are interested in a thermal survey of your property which is available from £195.00 telephone 0845 0948770 or visitwww.thermalsurveysni.com.